Purposeful Practice

Anders Ericsson’s notion of ‘purposeful practice’ has 4 characteristics:
1- Well-defined and specific goals. Taking a general goal and turning it into something you can work on with realistic expectation of improvement.
2- Focused. Give it full attention.
3- Involves feedback. The more immediate, the better.
4- Gets one out of his or her comfort zone. The fourth point is the one most frequently ignored and most improperly dealt with. When plateauing, it is important that a person try differently rather than just harder: “Whenever you’re trying to improve at something, you will run into such obstacles —points at which it seems impossible to progress, or at least where you have no idea what you should do in order to improve. This is natural. What is not natural is a true dead-stop obstacle, one that is impossible to get around, over, or through.” (21, Peak) Progress ingenuity along with effort.
Peak by Anders Ericsson

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