The Any-Benefit Approach to Network Tool Selection

The false belief that a tool that provides some benefit provides more benefit than harm in the aggregate.
“The Any-Benefit Approach to Network Tool Selection: You’re justified in using a network tool if you can identify any possible benefit to its use, or anything you might possibly miss out on if you don’t use it.” (186, Deep Work)
“You might reply that value is value: If you can find some extra benefit in using a service like Facebook — even if its small — then why not use it? I call this way of thinking the any-benefit mind-set, as it identifies any possible benefit as sufficient justification for using a network tool in more detail…
     The problem with this approach, of course is that it ignores all the negatives that come along with the tools in question. These services are engineered to be addictive — robbing time and attention from activities that more directly support your professional and personal goals (such as deep work)…The use of network tools can be harmful. If you don’t attempt to weight the pros against the cons, but instead use any glimpse of some personal benefit as justification for unrestrained use of a tool, then you’re unwittingly crippling your ability to succeed in the world of knowledge work” (186-7, Deep Work)
Deep Work by Cal Newport

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